Market leading patient engagement services

We approach patient engagement from a unique perspective

Our approach to patient engagement is driven by a belief that better-informed and well-supported patients are more likely to actively participate in their healthcare, enhancing the chance of achieving improved outcomes.

We help to integrate a company-wide patient-centred approach from early R&D to commercial. We champion the patient voice and co-create inititatives with patients so that these better fit their real needs. This approach to patient engagement puts health literacy at the core of the process.

All our patient engagement work starts with one question:

“Patients live with their conditions every day. . .  do you?”

We provide trusted solutions and services

We have been working with PAGs and POLs for almost three decades. We know how to navigate the challenges that companies can face in engaging with patients.

Our services are the industry benchmark for good practice. We provide healthcare companies with expert analysis and validation of their patient engagement and patient support programmes:

  • We help clients improve patient engagement practices across their organisation from R&D to commercial
  • We provide a suite of services to assist organisations to propel their patient engagement activities forward
  • We support organisations that are aspiring to be more patient centric at the beginning of their patient engagement journey
  • We create strategies and solutions for clear lay language across an organisation and in its dealings with patients and patient advocacy groups

We co-create and contribute to the patient economy

Our commitment to good patient engagement extends beyond the work we do with our healthcare and pharmaceutical clients. We are members of key patient organisations and frequently publish on positional and regulatory aspects of patient engagement. For examples of our work, or to discuss ways to elevate your patient engagement, please contact Richard Evans or Gabor Purman.

Other locations:
Oxford, Manchester, New York